Should reverse marketing of candidates by recruiters be outlawed?

Posted on Jul 14, 2017 by Graham WynnGraham Wynn

Should reverse marketing of candidates by recruiters be outlawed?
Was talking to a client today, and they may or may not be recruiting for a sales person in the near future, and he would keep me posted. However, discovered another agency were already advertising the role, without being engaged by the employer, meaning, should they get any candidates now and submit them, that locks the client into paying their exorbitant fees should they end up employing this person, yet another example of why reverse marketing needs to be outlawed.

This is a practice where a recruiter will simply send a company candidate resumes, without being asked to, and the idea being the recruiter classes this as an “introduction” of the candidate.

I wonder how many companies have been forced to pay fees they really should not have to have done though this tactic.

In theory, this practice means that I could simply email my entire database to every company in Melbourne, and should any of those people get a job in the next 6 months, just invoice the company. How easy is that for me to make money?

Of course, I will not reverse market without authority from a company as this is the ethical thing to do.

What I suggest, if you put an ad on Seek or any other job board, simply put the line “we will not accept any unsolicited approaches or resumes form agencies”. Problem solved. And even go further, put this on your own company website of you have a careers section.

The recruitment industry, I hate to admit, is full of some shocking unethical practices, and this reverse marketing is one of them, that I believe should be outlawed. At the end of the day, it is spam, and I thought spamming was illegal if you were seeking to gain a monetary advantage!