Unemployed to be STRIPPED of dole benefits from Centrelink if they fail to search for a job

Posted on Jan 3, 2018 by Graham WynnGraham Wynn

In theory this makes sense, but in practical terms, still too many areas of concern.
1. Will this stop people applying for jobs for which they are not suited, just to get benefits? We still receive many applications from people who clearly have no relevant experience or skills for the job they are applying for.
2. How will this be monitored for people who apply for work but fail to attend actual job interviews?
3. They now lose the right to use drugs or alcohol as an excuse for missing appointments or failing to look for work. Why was this excuse allowable in the first place?

Unemployed benefit recipients will lose payments under new demerit system Social security will be stopped for a month if they fail to search for work or train Turnbull Government has reached a policy deal with the Nick Xenophon Team Welfare recipients to lose drug addiction as excuse but random test plan canned By Stephen Johnson For Daily Mail Australia

Welfare recipients will be stripped of their Centrelink payments under a new dole demerit point system similar to one where dangerous drivers lose their licence.

Unemployment Australians presently receiving a Newstart allowance will lose welfare payments for up to a month if they repeatedly fail to apply for jobs, study or undergo training.

A new demerit point system will be introduced where they will lose their social security, in the same way dangerous drivers lose their licence for several months if they repeatedly speed or run red lights.

Centrelink recipients will lose payments for a month if they fail to search for work or study

Welfare recipients who repeatedly fail to look for a job will accumulate demerit points

The new framework is set to be introduced following a deal struck between the Turnbull Government and the Nick Xenophon Team.

As part of the deal, welfare recipients will lose the ability to blame drug or alcohol addiction as a ‘reasonable excuse’ for missing mutual obligation requirements.

‘We are implementing the most comprehensive reforms of our welfare system in decades,’ Acting Social Services Minister Mathias Cormann told The Australian.

However, the government has dropped its proposal to randomly drug test welfare recipients, at the request of the NXT crossbenchers.

Acting Social Services Minister Mathias Cormann said this was the ‘most comprehensive reforms of our welfare system in decades’

The Nick Xenophon Team’s social security spokeswoman Rebekha Sharkie has agreed to support the government’s demerit points system, provided random drug testing was canned

The party’s social services spokeswoman Rebekha Sharkie has moved amendments, including a review of the demerit points system within two years, exemptions for job seekers in remote areas and concessions for older job seekers after they have spent 12 months looking for work, The Australian reported.

‘Taxpayers quite rightly expect people to look for work or address barriers to look for work,’ she told the newspaper.

The Newstart unemployment benefit will be replaced with one ‘jobseeker’ payment from 2020, which will also cover partner and sickness allowances.

Labor and the Greens are opposing the government’s welfare measures, which means the Turnbull Government has had to rely on the Nick Xenophon Team, One Nation and Cory Bernardi’s Australians Conservatives to secure its reforms through the Senate.