Interview Preparation Box Hill Workshop – March 19th

Posted on Mar 6, 2019 by Graham WynnGraham Wynn

Interview preparation is essential in this day and age , and something many people do not realise or understand the importance of.

Susie Wilson is an expert in business etiquette, presentation skills and body language, having founded and built her own finsihsing school which now operates internationally. Susie is also featured regularly in the media and on TV as the “go to” person when discussing such issues.

We are honoured to have Susie offer this 1.5 hour workshop to help you understand the importance of the interview, and how best to prepare for this and conduct yourself during the interview.

This is your one opportunity, to impress the employer or recruiter, there are no 2nd chances,  you need to get this right, and Susie has many years experience in this field.

Places are limited for this workshop, so please book early at