Superior People Recruitment is a professional employment agency with a big difference.

Superior People is unique in comparison to other recruitment & employment agencies by providing a specialist level of service to a diverse level of businesses while achieving an industry leading retention rate of placements.

We are Revolutionising the recruitment model by breaking away from the traditional recruitment structure by providing businesses with a serious alternative to incurring the high costs by offering an affordable fee structure and a 6 month guaranteed replacement period. This is what differentiates us and most importantly, what makes our clients keep coming back for more.

Operating across all major cities in Australia, our portfolio covers a large range of sectors coupled with an experienced and outstanding team of consultants that provide an innovative and quality employment solution.

Superior People Recruitment recognises that the investment in your staff is imperative to the operation and success of your business. Therefore we only offer candidates deemed to possess the superior skill level, culture fit and quality of character essential for your organisation.

We stand by this promise by delivering a 6 month replacement guarantee period. Superior People Recruitment prescribes to the philosophy that staffing recruitment should be attainable and affordable for all businesses. Our organisation is designed to provide rational and ethical cost structures that definitively challenge industry standard recruitment fees, while maintaining excellence and quality in personnel placement.

Superior People also operates outside of business hours to provide you a comprehensive and uncomplicated consultation process when needed.

Our uniqueness reduces recruitment costs and makes skilled talent accessible to everyone.


Terms and Conditions of Business – Permanent Recruitment


Service Fees

Initial Placement – Flat fee of 10% of annual base salary + GST

All subsequent placements – Flat fee of 8% of annual base salary + GST


In the instance where Superior People Recruitment presents short listed candidates to your organisation and you then identify the candidates as already existing on your database, our fee is payable if:

  • you had previously not approached the candidate about the role in question, and:
  • they are hired by your organisation


Payment Terms

Invoices for Placements fees will be issued on the Candidates start date.

Our standard payment terms for all recruitment placements and miscellaneous expenses are

7 days from receipt of invoice.  Invoices will be structured as per the schedule listed under “Fees for Service”.


Replacement Guarantee

In the event that a candidate placed by us and employed by you, be unsatisfactory or leaves your employment within the first six months, we guarantee to replace “that” candidate (for the same position) at no additional cost to you.

Please be advised:

A replacement will not be provided in circumstances where the termination or departure of our placed candidate was due to retrenchment, redundancy or company restructure or restructuring of the position, misrepresentation of the position by the employer, redeployment or relocation, or candidate gong on maternity leave. If it is shown that a candidate leaves their employment within the first 6 month period due to any form of mental, emotional, physical disability harassment or bullying, the replacement guarantee will not apply. Replacement Guarantee will not apply if payment has not been received within 7 days as per our Payment Terms.

Customer service

During the first 6 months of the candidates employment, we will contact yourselves and the candidate at regular intervals to discuss their progress.


Medical Assessments

You are responsible for any medical assessment of any candidates.



We will be responsible for organising and managing all aspects of any standard media and web based advertising. This will include all web-based advertising, as well as any line ads placed in the press. Should we feel that additional advertising will be required, for example display ads, this will be discussed with yourself, and will only proceed if agreed in writing by yourself. Fees will be advised for such advertising and will be invoiced to you, and payable within 7 (seven) days.



Should you wish to terminate this agreement, all invoices and fees outstanding will be payable by your organisation immediately.

Deferred Appointments

Candidates who are introduced to you, by us, and are subsequently appointed by you, within 6 (six) months of the date of introduction, are subject to our standard consulting fees, as detailed under “Fees for Service”.


External Evaluation and Benchmarking

We will undertake all screening of applicants and testing as required, including any pre-employment testing you request us to complete, as part of our service. Should you request any external bodies to be involved in any testing, beyond what Superior People Recruitment are able to offer, this will be invoiced back to yourself. No such external testing will be held without written authorisation from yourself.



Superior People Recruitment accepts no liability whether on its own behalf or on behalf of its servants or agents for any loss or damage, costs or expenses whatsoever, or injury arising directly or indirectly or in connection with any act or omission of any candidate introduced by Superior People Recruitment.  You will need to satisfy yourself that any qualification or representation claimed or made by the candidate has been met by the candidate.


Privacy and Confidentiality

We acknowledge and agree that all reasonably sensitive or confidential information, commercial or personal, relating to this assignment, and/or our relationship with your organisation will be kept confidential by us.  You acknowledge and agree that all reasonably sensitive or confidential information, commercial or personal, relating to this assignment, and/or your relationship with our organisation will be kept confidential by you.


Amendments to the Standard Terms and Conditions

Any amendments to this Basis of our Agreement will be considered invalid unless approved in writing.



Any placements offered to Superior People Recruitment will be confirmed in writing, and submitted to you with a guaranteed cost outline on such documentation.