Shameless recruitment agency tries to sell rejected candidate resume help

Posted on Nov 24, 2017 by Graham WynnGraham Wynn

Shameless recruitment agency tries to sell rejected candidate resume help

A candidate has shared an email with a recruitment agency who rejected them for a job before shamelessly trying to sell recruitment services to them for hundreds of $$$.

This is not the 1st time we have heard this story, many times we hear of recruiting agencies advertising fake jobs simply to get candidates on their books, and then try to sell them training courses, resume writing courses etc.

Sharing a screenshot on Reddit, the candidate showed that the rec agency told them they had failed to get a job before brazenly touting services that would “assist you in reaching your career goals”.

The recruitment agency wrote: “Please feel free to call our office and speak to one of our friendly consultants to discuss ways in which we can assist you. For example, mention this email to receive a reduced fee for our specialised resume writing service, which is normally priced at $229. But as a recent job applicant we can offer you this service for just $199.”

Whilst some recruitment agencies might offer training courses and coaching courses, many earnest recruiters will help their candidates tailor their CV to make it appropriate for a specific position. Not this agency. It should be noted that we regularly assist our candidates with resume writing tips at no cost.

Furthermore, they aren’t going to stop with one pitch. Like an Avon products ‘salesperson’ who has several types of snake oil for you to try – in case one isn’t to your liking – this recruitment firm just aren’t going to offer a solitary product.

The plucky agency continued: “Additionally we have a product called Quick Fix, where we take your current resume and give it a basic makeover without the in-depth consultation process for only $99. This is only available for past candidates.”

With this firm so keen to monetise their candidate’s applications, it begs the question if they’re getting any commission by doing their titular role: placing candidates in jobs and getting a fee from the client.

Maybe this candidate ought to email them back and offer ‘candidate services’, such as being available for interview, coaching and ‘specialised’ application opportunities – but only at a cost.