Putting all eggs in one basket (Seek.com.au)

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by adminadmin

Putting all eggs in one basket (Seek.com.au)

We are regularly offered vacancies to fill, and see that other agencies will advertise similar roles on Seek, and clients also doing their own advertising on Seek.

So why would I bother with Seek? We would also be competing for the same candidates!

Recruitment is not what it used to be, and you need to be much more creative in trying to attract the right candidates. This involves headhunting, use of your own database, and also targeted advertising on pay per click sites, which may not gain the same volume of candidates, but usually a higher ratio of quality candidates than Seek.

Seek may have been the only method required in the past to advertise , but this is no longer the case, and yet I still see many agencies and companies relying on Seek.

Of course, Seek is probably the most expensive site to advertise on, and you can sometimes assume that if it costs more, then it must be better. But I am sure those that use nothing but Seek will realise that this is not always the case.

I am not knocking Seek, as it still serves a purpose, simply stating that everyone is using the one site to source candidates, then you will be competing for the same candidate pool, which makes no sense.

Recruiters need to be more creative these days, as we all know the job market is far more passive than it used to be and job seekers are more selective about roles they are applying for.