Why our clients trust us as their recruiting firm

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by adminadmin

Why our clients trust us as their recruiting firm

When an employer places a role with us to fill we are the first port of call for job seekers. Let’s just assume here that it’s a perfect world and we get nothing but superior applicants. How we present that firm to those would be employees can either make or break them wanting the appointment. We have the power to position the company brand in the mind of the person sitting in front of us. Our ability to influence applicants has a profound impact on that business’s future. If they ARE indeed perfect for the role we don’t want them going somewhere else.

There are several key components to our being that effective conduit.

  • We know the employer intimately; their culture, mission statement, structure, wants and needs.
  • We are proficient at conveying this information to the candidate.
  • We inspire the job seeker to move forward with his application for this role.
  • When the applicant leaves our office we have given him a solid impression about his potential role in the company and the business itself.

At Superior People Recruitment we consider ourselves employer brand ambassadors. We represent the client to the applicants. Our job is more than just putting people through a hiring process. We are building the team that will take the employer to the next level.