We will not work with Govt funded employment and training groups

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 by Graham WynnGraham Wynn

I continue to be contacted by private training companies and also the Job Active Govt funded employment services organisations, to see if we are happy to work with them.
Rather than me keep saying no, will be easier to post this to stop them calling me.
There are too many private training companies and Job active companies who have been caught, or accused of rorting and fraud, and until the government can get to grips with this, I see no reason to work with such organisations.
I am aware, like with everything, there are probably some good operators trying to do the right thing who will be offended by this, and will want to react, however, the continual numbers that are being caught show that both these industries need to be cleaned, drastically, as these rorts are all around tax payers dollars.
Think how much the government could be saving if all rorting by these groups was stopped?
Hopefully, one day this will be cleaned up, but if you represent any such organisation, please do not contact us, as we will not work with you at this stage.
Thank you