Top 10 Tips for Treating Candidates​ as they ought to be treated.

Posted on Jul 30, 2019 by adminadmin

Here are Susie Wilson’s top ten tips for treating candidates as they ought to be treated.

1. Always maintain communication with candidates, meaning do not leave them hanging, wondering the status of their candidacy.

2. Be sure to have follow-up and follow-through with the candidate process. Return emails and calls in a prompt, timely manner.

3. Maintain professionalism at all times over the phone, in person and over email. Whenever possible pick up the phone to speak live.

4. Ensure that you and your hiring managers are on the same page throughout the candidate process. Use clear and concise job descriptions, interview process, etc.

5. Always present a streamlined candidate experience throughout the process. From start to finish the process should be smooth and the candidate should be taken care of just like they are already an employee.

6. Never talk negatively about the company or present a grim picture to candidates. Allow the candidate to make up their own mind about the company through due diligence and research and always sell the qualities and high points of the company.

7. Do not allow your ego or past job experience to disrupt or stall the interview process. At times, hiring managers almost compete with a candidate in an interview and challenge the background, letting their own egos get in the way of making an educated hiring decision.

8. Do not allow distractions from your work to get in the way of the interview process. Many times hiring managers are distracted and disrupt the interview with emails and even phone calls. Always be in hiring mode when involved in the hiring process.

9. Be clear on the hiring objectives of the group and the candidate profile they are searching for. Do not waste candidates’ time if they are not the correct fit for the role.

10. Lastly, keep in mind, a turned-off candidate could one day be a potential customer or partner and if they encountered a poor experience with your hiring process, why would they want to purchase your product or service or ever do business with the company in the future?